2015-03-15 to 2015-03-18

Welcome to Africa!
Oudtshoorn, welcoming us with temparatures exceeding 30 °C, and also our “Cabins”, part of DeZeekoe’s Guestfarm, eventually created some real African Feeling! The cabins were supposed to be located at a nice, little lake. But because it had not rained this year, it was almost completely dried out.

We had to get up very early in the morning (at 5 am!) to get started for our first real highlight: Meerkats Adventure. We met our guide at the intersection and followed him with some more guests into the dark desert of the Klein Karoo, where we waited for the sun to rise. With the first rays of the sun the meerkats were supposed to show up. There was no sun shine. There were no meerkats.
But finally the meerkats showed up nevertheless ? Very, very cute little animals!

After having breakfast we visited the close Safari Ostrich Farm and learned a lot about ostriches.

In the afternoon we drove to the mountains and entered the Cango Caves; very impressive! Although Jo and Hans had considered to participate in the “Adventure Tour”, they decided to better refuse: too narrow and steep crevices. Something for the younger people. And indeed: a complete school class made that adventure. It is not reported if they all came back…

On the next day we did cross the famous Swartberg Pass (height: 1583 meters). On the highest point we had clouds, which was fun. We ended up in a superb Tea Garden in Prince Albert, where we had tea, brownies, carrot cake and self-made lemon ice cream, while relaxing in the sun! Yummy…