Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve

2015-03-18 to 2015-03-20

Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve is located close to Graaff-Reinet, in the heart of the Great Karoo. Camdeboo Manor is an old manor house, completely renovated with 4 spacious, nicely arranged rooms, a big hall/living room, big garden with pool and a separate “garden house”. With our group this resort was completely booked… unbelievable!
And the best: More than 14.000 hectare (> 1500 mio sq ft) original untouched country side was part of the property; and all “ours” 😉

Leslie, the ranger and our guide, took care of us from dawn (wake up call was at 6.00 am) to night, and shared a lot of details about animals, country and history with us.

Camdeboo translates to “place of the green hills” in the old Khoisan language. There are no lions and elephants in this reserve, but cheetahs, rhinos, buffaloes, giraffes, monkeys, wild cats, mountain zebras and many antelopes. A lot to watch during our first jeep tours in South Africa. The sun downers in the early evening on the top of the mountains were very impressive… absolutely stunning!

Encountering a cheetah in the wild, just some steps apart of our group without any fence or other protective means, topped everything we experienced so far. Leslie walked with us in the middle of the mountains to a cheetah laying in the lawn. Something we’ll never ever will forget again …