Kariega Game Reserve

2015-03-20 to 2015-03-22

We arrived in time at Kariega Game Reserve to start our first game drive in the later afternoon; after we moved into our freshly renovated little house at the Kariega Main Lodge. We had spectacular views across the green hills laying in front of us and reaching the Indian ocean in the far South.

Kariega Private Game Reserve is an internationally well known resort, famous for it’s “Big 5”, in a region free of malaria. On about 9.000 hectares of African wilderness, with the picturesque Kariega and Bushman rivers crossing the area.
We approached elephants and lions so close that we literally could touch them (what we eventually didn’t do ;-); under the guidance of our guide Cleo, who safely drove the open vehicle. What an experience!

My (Hans’) personal highlight was the “meeting” with the oldest elephant of the reserve (47 years) towards the end of our nightly tour. He suddenly appeared in  the middle of the road in front of us, and then decided to come towards us. There was no doubt he was the master of the road, which Cleo immediately accepted: In a rush he headed back and then escaped sidewards into the bushes. That was VERY close…